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Car Insurance

Home Insurance

Covering your home and its contents with adequate insurance is a key part of smart financial planning.

Often, your home is your greatest asset. This applies whether your home is a house, a townhouse, a mobile home, a condo or an apartment. Our agency offers the best policy to meet your needs –to provide the best protection for your particular type of residence along with your valuable possessions. Whether your home is a house, townhouse, mobile home, apartment, or a personal condo, you can protect your residence and the precious belongings inside with the right type of insurance policy.

Policies provide:

  • Property damage resulting from lightning, fire, smoke, and theft
  • Coverage for the contents of your home, such as furniture, clothes, electronic devices, appliances
  • Court fees and liability coverage for lawsuits resulting from injuries anyone sustains on your property

Homeowners insurance protects you from expected and unexpected perils of owning a home. If a covered loss occurs, your homeowner’s policy will pay to:

  • Repair your home
  • Rebuild your home
  • Replace lost or damaged property

It’s not just about rebuilding your house and restoring your belongings, it’s about restarting your life.

Is your home insured to value? Construction costs in our region are rising rapidly and it could cost more to rebuild than you think. Make sure your coverage limit is sufficient to rebuild the same square footage in today’s market. Let us give you a no-obligation quote today.

Renters Insurance

If you’re a renter, look around you. What do you see? Do you have a laptop or desktop computer? A plasma television or two? A few closets full of clothes? Furniture? Appliances? What if a guest is injured in your apartment? Just because you don’t own the house doesn’t mean you don’t need insurance. Think of renters insurance as home owners insurance without the home.

If these things are valuable to you, you can protect them from loss with a renter’s policy.

Here’s what you get with a renter’s policy:

  • Protection for damage, theft, and personal liability
  • Replacement Cost or Actual Cash Value settlement options
  • Affordable prices with flexible plans that work for your budget
  • Liability insurance against accidents that can occur in your home
  • Separate endorsements to increase coverage for your jewelry, furs and precious collectible items and fine art
  • Living expenses if your rental is damaged and you have to move out temporarily

Renters insurance is probably more affordable than you might think.

Personal Liability Insurance

Protecting your personal assets is one important reason we buy insurance. In today’s lawsuit-happy environment, you can’t have too much liability coverage. Let us quote an umbrella policy that increases your liability limits by $1 million or more. Personal umbrella liability policies can extend over your homeowners, auto, rental dwelling(s), motorcycle and RV policies. You can buy a lot of coverage for a small price.