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Valuable Property Insurance

Jewery Insurance

Wedding and engagement rings, gifts and family heirlooms can have a surprisingly high value, especially in these days of high gold prices. Jewelry that was purchased or acquired in the past may have tremendously higher value now and the cost to replace them, if they were to be lost or stolen, could be prohibitive. Let the Insurance Center help you determine if you need to consider additional protection…just in case.


Do you have valuable antiques handed down to you from your family or that you’ve found over the years? How about that coin or baseball card collection? Typical homeowner’s insurance covers these valuable collections only in a limited way. If you have a lot of time and money tied up into a collection, you will want coverage that can replace it for it current value if it were to be stolen or destroyed. Let us help you evaluate the kind of coverage that can best protect your collections so that if the worse were to ever happen, you can receive the full vale for all of your hard work and perseverance.


There are lots of hunters in our area and over the years, it is easy to accumulate significant value in a collection. Homeowner’s insurance typically offers limited coverage for theft and often treats them simply as personal property in the event of fire. Especially, if you own firearms that are no longer manufactured, it may make sense to find out how the professionals at the Insurance Center of Winchester can help you be certain you are protected completely against theft or loss.

Other Valuable Property

If you consider something valuable, even just for sentimental reasons, it may make sense to talk to the professionals at the Insurance Center of Winchester to make certain that if anything ever happens to them, you are protected the way you should be protected.